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All You Need To Know About Infrared Sauna Therapy

Joining in celebration this National Physical Therapy Month together with American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), Enlighten Sauna decided to make its own contribution to the community. While thousands of people practice self-awareness, Enlighten Sauna would like to share its experience. This means that today we would like to share our knowledge with you.

While Traditional saunas were created in Finland many centuries ago, home infrared saunas as we know them have been invented in Japan in 1965, which makes them relatively new to the world. Because of its relatively short history, there are many questions arising about infrared therapy.

What is Infrared? How is it used in therapy? How does it all work? What are the benefits? Are there any risks?

When you come to think of it, it all looks so complicated at first. But it’s not rocket science, you can easily find out how this particular type of therapy affects our bodies, how to use it both safely and efficiently to become healthier, happier and improve your life.

Before stepping into an infrared sauna cabin we advise everyone to read at least one or two articles about it to understand what it really is and what it is all about. Every little detail can affect your own experience, so we have assembled this article to help you get to know the topic better.

Infrared light

As experts, Enlighten Sauna advise to start from the very basics. What is infrared, how exactly does it affect the human body and internal organs?

Infrared radiation (IR), sometimes called infrared light is a form of electromagnetic light energy that heats the body but not the surrounding air. When a longer wavelength of light warms an object without warming the air between the source and the object it is called radiant heat, or more correctly, Far Infrared Radiation (FIR).

Infrared radiation is a convenient system to heat parts of our body. It has the advantage over direct contact in that radiation can heat directly the area where the blood capillaries and neuron terminals are.

Penetration depth of infrared radiation in our skin is dependent of wavelength – near-infrared, mid-infrared and far infrared. How each of these wavelengths affects our bodies and what health benefits they can give you we will explain in due time.

In natural conditions sunlight is composed of near-thermal-spectrum radiation that is slightly more than half infrared. Nearly all the infrared radiation in sunlight is near infrared.

Human bodies feel IR as heat, this is used in treatment of various ailments. For example, as an optional or additional treatment for regional or chronic pain, as an addition to physical therapy or injury treatment to improve blood circulation, oxygen and nutrient delivery to the organs and injured joints.

Infrared therapy is also used to aid in elimination of various toxins from the body. For these and many other reasons, people are looking up to the idea of having a personal infrared sauna at home. Enlighten Sauna offer a wide range of indoor or outdoor sauna cabins for personal use in any home – we have small cabins for one person, bigger ones for you to share with your loved ones and family. Check HERE for more information

Infrared Sauna

What is the most important part of the infrared sauna? Enlighten Sauna believe it is the very core of the cabin – the heating elements. Any infrared sauna cabin has several heating elements that use the infrared light at near, mid and far infrared spectrums to raise the temperature of your body, which in turn induces sweating and tissue regeneration. Each type of these heating elements will make a huge difference in your personal experience with infrared saunas, where the air temperature is not as important as the quality of the infrared heat and the depth it penetrates. That is why the heating technologies used in Enlighten Sauna are proven in their safety, reliability, total heating area, wavelength and quantity of infrared that is emitted. Therefore it will provide best quality therapy sessions.

Historically, the very first “light-near infrared lamp saunas” were created by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg. He constructed his first incandescent light bath in 1891, claiming to treat thousands of patients at the Battle Creek Sanitarium.
What is usually called an Infrared sauna is, in fact, an infrared therapy cabin. Why is it called a sauna? It’s because the sauna environment actually helps to deliver infrared to your body and lack of clothes makes the effectiveness of the therapy session much higher.
Since those distant days the infrared saunas have evolved into something we know today. Now they are much safer, more efficient and definitely more comfortable than they were when they first appeared.

What’s the best part about infrared cabins is that they do not heat the air, so results are produced at lower temperatures, making infrared therapy available to people who can’t tolerate the high temperatures and humidity of traditional saunas or steam rooms.

By the present time we can name 14 health benefits of regular infrared sauna sessions that can be backed up by scientists around the world
All around the world every day infrared saunas are being used by thousands and thousands of people as additional treatment of various illnesses, to help relax, relieve stress, detoxify the body, purify the skin, ease aches and joint pains. Offering a wide list of health benefits, researchers continue to work on the scientific proof that infrared therapy really works and what other medical use it can bring. While further ongoing medical research on the possible benefits or harm of infrared therapy is being held by scientists and medical researchers around the globe, Enlighten Sauna can still say with upmost confidence that infrared sauna sessions can truly improve your overall health, aid in regeneration, as well as help staying fit, slim and maintain a better quality of life.

According to the vast scientific research we have up to date, infrared light therapy has already shown itself quite promising in aiding in cases of some forms of cancer ,see HERE and HERE for more information, accelerates wound healing, improves tissue regeneration, reduces inflammation, stimulates the lymphatic and immune systems. It is also used in treating cardiovascular disease together with other methods of medical treatment.

Unlike some other therapies practicing physicians prescribe to patients – infrared light therapy is safe, non-invasive and completely painless. Many doctors and medical experts support it as an additional treatment in different medical cases and offer thousands of patients infrared sauna sessions to reduce blood pressure, boost the metabolism, remove various toxins from the body.

At Enlighten Sauna we also believe that infrared therapy can be the answer to many questions concerning your health. Now let’s get to infrared wavelengths to find out why they are so important in infrared sauna therapy and what health improvement each of them may bring.

Near Infrared
NIR wavelengths are the shortest waves of the spectrum, but penetrate the deepest, most effectively heating the core of your body. It penetrates the epidermis layer of the skin, improves cell immunity, promotes skin renewal and purification, tissue growth, wound healing, brings pain relief. It offers the most effective way to eliminate different toxic metals and chemicals from the body, help treat chronic infections. Medical studies demonstrate that most toxins can be eliminated through the skin, relieving the burden on the kidneys and liver. That is why infrared sauna therapy is considered much safer, more effective than other ways of detoxification. NIR also inhibits the sympathetic nervous system – this enables the body to relax, heal, regenerate itself much faster, causing recovery from many types of illnesses and injuries.

Mid Infrared
Studies show that regular Mid infrared therapy sessions significantly stimulates blood circulation by increasing the heart rate, thus bringing oxygen to specific areas that need healing. This reduces muscle, joint pain and helps aid in healing injuries, as well as weight loss. The most reason this spectrum is used is of its impact on fat tissue – because of the smooth heat emitted by the infrared heaters, the body begins releasing energy and therefore you can burn up to 600 calories from just one relaxing sauna session.

Far Infrared
FIR has the ability to penetrate all layers of the human body, gently delivering the healing infrared into the inner-most regions of the tissues, muscles, joints and bones. It is used for treating chronic fatigue, skin disorders, reducing blood pressure, better weight loss, deep detoxification, relaxation, activates sweat glands and thus eliminates harmful metals and chemicals from your body in the safest, most comfortable way there can be. Through the gentle heating FIR gently expands the capillaries that carry blood and thus improving the circulation, it also increases oxygenation and regeneration of the blood, deeply detoxifying it. In many cases far infrared helps reduce muscle soreness, spasms and provide relief for rheumatoid arthritis. The rejuvenating effects of far infrared have shown to help heal scars, reduce swelling, stiffness and even lower blood sugar levels.
Fun fact – Infrared saunas are considered 7 times more effective at detoxifying heavy metals, toxic chemicals and other environmental toxins than traditional steam saunas.

Full-spectrum saunas

Full spectrum means that you will get all three wavelengths in one sauna cabin, together with all the benefits of each spectrum. Modern day manufacturers provide a wide range of full-spectrum saunas at different price ranges from luxurious customized sauna units to simple and less costly cabins that will deliver just as much benefits without additional cost.

At Enlighten Sauna we believe that everyone deserves the best that is why we decided to manufacture high quality full-spectrum saunas to provide our clients with all the health benefits that all three wavelengths of the infrared can bring combined in one single cabin.

So when it comes to choosing what spectrum sauna to purchase the choice is simple with full-spectrum saunas available right HERE and HERE.

Infrared Sauna Benefits

We have already listed the vast health benefits each spectrum brings, but are they limited by that particular list?

Actually, no. Even though research is still being held to prove this scientifically, but it is still thought that infrared therapy also has anti-aging effects (when used frequently – see here for more information on anti-aging effects, brings muscle support, helps relieve stress and tension, is used in treatment of insomnia and other sleeping disorders, hormonal imbalances, depression, improves heart function (NASA held a vast research on this to see if infrared saunas will help astronauts sustain health in outer space), including lowering incidence of ventricular arrhythmias. It also proved to be a viable remedy for chronic lower back pains (see HERE for more information). Furthermore, increasing evidence suggests that convenient and non-invasive FIR, a vital type of physiotherapy, improve the health of patients with cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney disease. [ ].

Having frequent sauna sessions also helps:
  • Reduce chronic pains (including aches caused by sport, work injuries and even Arthritis)
  • Eliminate or lessen the side effects of diabetes
  • Helps fight chronic fatigue
  • Improves organ functioning
  • Eliminates poor digestion
  • Improves overall well-being and quality of life

Infrared Sauna Safety Recommendations

After all that has been said already, there can still be some concern left about safety and proper use of the infrared cabin for personal use. Like any other therapy this type also has to have a set of rules to make every session you take absolutely safe and at maximum comfort.

As experts in what we do, Enlighten Sauna understands that concern, so we have prepared for you a list of recommendations you and your loved ones can follow.
Here is a list of things you should always keep in mind while having infrared therapy sessions:
  • Water. Avoid having sauna sessions when dehydrated – due to the sweating induced by the infrared impact on your body, you should always drink a little water every now and then while inside the sauna.
  • Time limits. It is advised to start with short 4-5 minute long sessions before starting to lengthen the time limits up to 15 minutes and more.
  • Pregnancy. Pregnant women should consult with a doctor before having infrared therapy to avoid any complications.
  • Children under 12 years old. Various scientific studies have shown that children cannot regulate their body temperature as effective as adults can. This is why all children must remain under adult supervision while in an infrared sauna and stay no longer than 10 minutes.
  • Alcohol. Alcohol consumption dehydrates the body, therefore it can lead to unconsciousness in a sauna cabin. So don’t drink alcohol before your session.
  • Acute injury and bleeding disorders. Because of vasodilation, these health conditions may lead to unconsciousness, blood loss, ischemia and other harmful results.
  • Clothing. Less clothing means better infrared penetration. A swimsuit or a sauna towel will be enough. Excess clothing will lessen the efficiency.
  • Monitor your own condition. You should not be in the cabin by yourself to avoid accidents, yet if you are alone – watch your condition attentively. At any sign of overheating (i.e. if your face turns bright red or your heart starts to race and you start feeling faint or dizzy), exit the cabin immediately.
  • Rest and relax after each infrared sauna session. Allow your body to readjust and relax after the session before jumping into your usual every day activities. Some 20-30 minute of relaxation will be highly appreciated by your body.
  • Chronic diseases. If you have any chronic illnesses or suffer any type of medical condition – always consult with your treating doctor about using an infrared sauna.


Enlighten Sauna understand that the scientific research into infrared saunas and infrared therapy is still preliminary and ongoing, yet there already is enough proof that it actually works – if not in all, but in many cases of different sicknesses and health problems.

What else is there to add? Only that infrared sauna therapy is much safer, more effective than any steam room or a Traditional steam sauna and helps with much more troubles.

Infrared therapy treatment, in combination with other factors like a healthy balanced diet, frequent exercise and relaxation can increase mobility, reduce aches and add to quality of life. So purchasing an infrared sauna (especially a full-spectrum sauna) will be a great investment in your health and well-being for years and years to come.

But with all that we have said here we still recommend consulting with your doctor or health care practitioner considering treatments with infrared saunas before you get into one on your own.